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Friday, 21 January 2011

Bag of Scraps!!

Last week I popped into the fabric shop in town to get some ribbons that I needed urgently.  I always have a rummage in the bargain bin and have picked up some nice bits from there.  Anyway, this time I found 2 small plastic bags of small bits of  fabric for 10p each!!!  I wasn't sure what was in the bag really but thought for that price I'd take a chance!  When I got home I emptied them out and tey were crammed full of fabric squares in lots of different textures and colours including velvet!!! 

Here are the bags

This is the contents of just one of the bags

I have been wanting to do patchwork for ages so this will be perfect for it!  I just need to find a template for a nice Hexagon now to start it!


  1. Nice find. I started a patchwork quilt, but it ended up as a cushion :) I hope you enjoy it. x

  2. Hi Angie - Have you ever made a patchwork before? I think hexagon ones are meant to be a bit tricky :)
    Good luck chick - fab bargain x

  3. What a great find. Have you started on it yet? Jaqui x


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