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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bits and Pieces!!

Just a quick post from me today.  When I got up I thought I was in a cardmaking mood but that soon left me!  Haven't really managed anything crafty today so far but have sat and undone some lovely jewellery bits I bought whilst in the US.  I got them in Old Navy in a sale.  There were some fab charms on the pieces I bought and lots of chain which I've just joined together.  I should be able to make several bracelets/necklaces out of it so just need to have a think of how to best use them.

Here they are - before this they were 2 necklaces and 1 bracelet.

A close up of the lovely charms

I've nearly finished a batch of 5 Sock Kitties and 2 Sock Monkeys - all just waiting to have their faces finished so will hopefully be able to show you those tomorrow!!  The monkeys are for an order as are a few of the kitties but I've done a few extra!!  Hope to try out a few other Sock Creations soon!!


  1. Oooooh I like that little owl charm. Whats that going to go on then?

  2. Gorgeous charms. I thought I was in card making mode today, but haven't done a thing yet!! x

  3. Those charms are lovely, the lock reminds me of a gate braclet my gran had before she was burgled grrrr. I'm sure you will make something wonderful with them xx


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