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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fish Pie and a Fairly Productive Day!

Today I managed to get quite abit done!!  I finished a monkey, made a card and then made a fish pie!

I love fish pie and like to put a nice lot of varied fish and seafood in it.  Today I used prawns, scallops, salmon and some white fish!!!   It was lovely, you only need one portion and you feel stuffed!!!!  I like to put abit of wine in my fish pie also and lots and lots of cheese so not for the diet conscious!!!!  If you want the recipe you can find it here.

Tomorrow, I am having a nice 'ME' day with my sister.  We are off to a spa for the day to chill!!!  I bought the vouchers when Last Minute.com were having one of their special £10 spa days.  Ours includes a mini pedicure so I've just been trying to make my feet look abit more presentable for someone else to see!!!  Last Minute.com often have these £10 spa days on offer at spa's all around the UK so worth keeping an eye out for them.  I'll let you know how our day goes!!


  1. I've just made a fish pie for tea tonight!!

    Have a fab day and do let us know how it goes as I might just be tempted to treat myself to one :)

  2. Hope you enjoy your chill out day, it sounds wonderful although I hate anyone touching my feet! xx

  3. I love fish pie, glad you enjoyed your spa day


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