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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Card Blank Bargain!

Last week in The Works they were selling 50 card blanks for just £3.99.  They had lots of different sizes and a variety of colours.  Envelopes are included in the pack.  The quality is ok for everyday cards and once you stick your design papers on they look great!  I asked the assistant if this was an offer or if they would stay at this price for some time and he seemed to think that they would stay at £3.99 for a while.  A good time to stock up I'd say!!!!  I picked up some 5 x 5 square cards as I have not used this size before.  I have several 6x 6 design pads so this size card is perfect when using these papers.

I also picked up 2 lovely stamps in a small craft shop for just £1.99 each - both are usually around £8.95 so a real bargain. 

Hampton Art Stamps - Curious Kitty

and this Jolly Nation - Caravan Couple

Aren't they both fab!!!!!  I will need to think of a card to use them on now!!!!


  1. Ohhh well done on your bargains!!
    craft shop ...where?? lol

  2. @Scrappy ScattyThere is one in St Nicks Market, very small but they have some wood mounted stamps for £1.99 - I think they are selling them off!!!

  3. What a bargin! love the stamps :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Fab bargains - I love that kitty stamp! If you're near a Range atm they have Anita's wood mounted sentiment stamps for £1 and on BOGOF!. Claire x

  5. Well Done on your bargains I particularly like the kitten one. x

  6. Great bargains Angie. Jaqui x


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