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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lovely Vintage Patterns at Tesco!!!

It seems that vintage floral is going to be hot this year and the stores are all starting to get their summer stock in.

Today, I went to Tesco's and they have some great examples at really cheap prices.  They had these gorgeous canvas pumps in 2 colours for just £6

They also had this shoulder bag which was £8 I think!!  Instore they had 2 colours.
 and this weekend bag for £10
I wanted the cream pumps but they didn't have my size!!!!

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Fab finds in Tescos - will have to have a look at the weekend, love the smaller floral bag - a girl can never have too many! xx

  2. Ah ha I bought the navy ones and the little floral cardi yesterday! Have you tried tesco clothing on-line??

  3. The shoes look super comfy if I manage to get some I might even be trendy too! Thanks for the info x

  4. Those floral pumps are lovely. And clothes from a supermarket count as groceries so I can't get told off, right?! ;) x

  5. Fab finds Angie - I shall definitely be looking for the pumps. Hope you manage to get some cream ones. x

  6. Mmm I agree - I like the cream ones too. I'll need to keep my eyes open when I go to Mr Ts for my shopping. Jaqui x

  7. Loving all the vintage florals in the shops at the moment.......really pretty.

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my last post,
    florrie x

  8. Sainsburies have some too and some of the bags are in the sale.

    I love all this cute floral stuff it really is cheery

    Have a great weekend!


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