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Friday, 11 March 2011

Pretty Fabric!!!

Why, oh why is it so difficult to get nice fabric these days!!!!  Lately, I have been searching around Bristol and Bath for fabric shops and sadly they are dwindling in numbers.

I have tried looking on ebay as well but find that it's pricey and the postage is high which makes it even more pricey!!!

I went to a shop called Roud Fabrics on Stapleton Road, Bristol and had a long chat about fabrics with the owner.  He told me that it is very difficult these days to get nice cotton fabric as all of the mills that made them are going out of business.  There are just a few mills left now in the UK and alot of the fabrics in shops are now a mix - poly/cotton.  What a sad state of affairs - we used to produce the best of cotton fabrics in this country.

I find Fabricland to be a great store but sometimes limited on choice of nice colours and patterns.  They told me that they should be getting more 100% cotton fabric in now the summer is coming so I will look forward to that.  Fabricland only have stores in the South of England at the moment.

I found a seller in Korea on ebay that had some pretty FQ sized fabric.  They had some pretty colours and it worked out to be an ok price - around £1.47 each inc postage.  The postage time was about 10 days so not bad at all.  The fabric is not that thick and slightly stiff but lovely colours and patterns.  Have a look here as they have many designs and colours.

Here are the ones that I bought


  1. Thanks for the link as quite new to this sewing malarky I was shocked at how expensive it was!!! Have you had a nosy at FabricRehab??

  2. Fab material that you have chosen. Can't wait to see what you make with them. Are these all going to be for quilting? xx

  3. Gorgeous fabric Angie. I can't help you out I'm afraid as I never buy fabric online. Claire x

  4. I don't sew but one of my local craft shops sells squares of fabric, I presume for quilts - would these be any good? I can investigate for you but what do you need to know? Does it have to be pure cotton? Sizes? x

  5. Lovely fabrics Angie - look forward to seeing your latest makes. Wonder if you could pick up fabrics from charity shops ??

  6. Gorgeous fabrics can't wait to see what you will make with them


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