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Monday, 28 March 2011

Driving in the Brecon Beacons

I had a lovely day out today with a old friend that I've not seen for years.  We met back up through Facebook last year and said recently we would meet up.  Today I had a message asking if I was free this afternoon and we met up and went out for a lovely drive to the Brecon Beacons.  It was abit overcast but did brighten up abit in the afternoon.

My friend has a fabulous new car - a James Bond Car!!!!  It's an Aston Martin Volante - I don't usually get excited about cars but woo what a car, such a smooth ride!!  The sun came out which meant I had to put my sunglasses on as well!!!!  Here's the car

The Brecon Beacons are lovely.  The scenary there is beautiful and it's quite desolate in places.  I imagine it looks breathtaking in the winter covered in snow.

It was warm enough for us to have the top down on the car and I could put my camera on the frame of the windscreen and take pics.  The drive was so smooth that my pics didn't blur!!

We stopped by a large lake to take a few pics

and we parked up here and took a few more

In the summer when everything is green and lush this will look quite different but I think it looks nice now as there are lots of different colours.

We laughed when we stopped to take those last few pictures as in the middle of nowhere there was an ice cream van parked up ready for business.  He looked quite disappointed when we didn't buy his ice cream!!!


  1. Fantastic car and photo's Angie love the idea of an ice cream van in the middle of nowhere! Perhaps he was expecting the SAS I think they train in the Brecon Beacons sometimes!

  2. Oh what a fab car. Gorgeous scenery and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. Claire xx

  3. Fab car, the scenery looks fantastic there, thanks for sharing the photos

  4. Gorgeous photos and what a fab car, you lucky girls x


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