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Sunday, 22 June 2014

A day out at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park

Last week I had a lovely day out in Devon with my friend Lucy.  Lucy lives in Devon so I caught the train down to Paignton to meet her.

We spent the day at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park.  Wow what an awesome place!  It is huge and as well as lots of animals in good natural type enclosures there is alot of greenary - it's full of trees and bushes so wonderful to walk around.

If you are not able to walk, there are mobility scooters to hire very cheaply which is what my friend Lucy did.  The zoo and it's staff are very geared up to help anyone with mobility problems and make sure that their day is enjoyable.

The weather was good to us, it was very hot and sunny!  So armed with our packed lunches we set off!

There are large playparks built for the gorillas and orangutan with lots to keep them amused.  It was abit hot for them the day we went though so they didn't jump around too much.

The orangutans were hidden inside so didn't see too much of them.

Here are some more photos from my day out.

I'd really recommend spending a day at this zoo.  The place is well kept up, the animals are in very good condition and the staff are keen to make you feel welcome.  It's not a cheap day out - zoos never are but if you have a few people in your group there are various ticket options available as well as day and family tickets, you can also purchase annual tickets or there is another option to visit again using your day ticket if you pay alittle more.  Looking around the park I could see that the entrance fees were put to good use and that the place is kept up together very well and I think that it is worth paying the entrance fees to see the zoo.  You can certainly spend some pleasant hours here.

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