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Friday, 27 June 2014

A day out at Portabello Market

I've been doing a few little days out recently and as a friend of mine was over from India I caught the coach up to meet her.

We had decided that we would spend the day at Portabello Road Market so hopped on the tube to get there.  Nice and easy and not too many people until we hit Portabello and then it was packed!!

There are some lovely properties as you walk away from the underground station towards Portabello.

We met this fella along the roadside and he was so colourful that we got photos taken with him!!  This is me with the Mad Hatter!  Very nice happy chappy.

There are some lovely stalls at Portabello Market with some interesting old objects.  I don't think you will get much of a bargain price wise but you will be sure to pick up something unusual there!

These people were also on the pavement!!  It looked very strange as their heads are inside of their coat giving the impression that they are headless.  It looked very real!!

There were lots of lovely food stalls

Look at the different varieties of mushrooms on this stall!  Who knew there were so many!!

We were exhausted from walking so much on an extremely hot day!  My feet felt ready to fall off!  I made my way back to Victoria ready to catch the coach home after a very enjoyable day in London.


  1. It's very different to how I remember it in the 80s, my grandad used to take us there on Sunday afternoons, we would park on golbourne rd, where there was a butchers with rabbits hanging in the windows (an unusual sight by the 80s) and a gorgeous Spanish or Portuguese bakery which I still think is there. Golbourne road was full of old men selling real old junk out of suitcases! Then we would walk up to Portobello but just as we got to the far end where all the trendy stalls were, we would have to turn round and head back to the car, with my grandfather moaning about "who would buy that ole tut for that price!" I do wonder what he would think of it now!

    1. Sounds fab Tammy - I am sure it was even better back then and I expect you could get some real bargains!! It's a great place to people watch as there are some real characters there!! Thanks for your comment, it's lovely to hear things like this xx


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