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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Easy Mini Shabby Bunting

Good Morning!

The weather is looking promising today, I'm hoping Summer is here!!  With it will no doubt come BBQ's and tea parties!  So, with that in mind I decided to make use of some of the huge amount of lovely cotton fabric I have been collecting and make up some mini bunting.

I used an X Cut Bunting die to mark the fabric - I say mark as it wouldn't cut right through it!  I mananged to crack my cutting pad as well but I think that was not the dies fault but maybe a fault in the pad as it hasn't lasted very long and was always rather bendy.  The marking was better for me than drawing around a template onto th fabric as you don't get pen marks!  Even when I use those disappearing fabric pens I have trouble getting the ink off of the fabric - very time consuming and annoying!  So I used the die and cut over the imprint with scissors where the die hadn't cut.

Cotton fabric frays and can look tatty quickly if you don't stop the fraying!  I did try to use my sewing machine to go around the edges but because the flags were so small they got caught in the machine and the stitching looked too much on such a small flag!  My advice is to use something like a fray stop on the edges or clear nail varnish - it is time consuming if you have a large pile of flags but quite a relaxing job to do whilst watching tv!

I then used a glue gun (I have a fab new glue gun!!) to stick 10 flags to some natural jute string.  Voila - a string of pretty bunting!

Look how effective it is when you use several strings of it together!!

If you can't be fussed to make some - you can buy some on my Facebook page for £5 plus P & P or if you are not on Facebook, just email me bumblebeescraftden@gmail.com to buy some.

Any questions - just ask!

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