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Friday, 13 June 2014

Shabby Framed Blackboard

A quick one from me today - the sun is shining and it is getting hotter.  Yay!!  I have a boat trip on Sunday for my Aunties 70th Birthday so hoping this weather is going to stay with us!  It should be lovely on the river in the sun!

Here is my latest project.  I have upcycled a lovely, heavy pine framed picture into a framed blackboard.  I used the same green paint that I used on the Poundland frame I did the other week as I love the colour!!  I spent alot of time on this one as it is a large frame.  It needed to be sanded down well to get rid of the varnish and then I used a wood filler to sort out all the digs and gaps.  I painted it several times on the front and back and then waxed it all over as well.  I distressed it lightly to give it a 'shabby' look.  The blackboard has several coats on it too.

This is what the frame looked like when I bought it

Rather tired looking and in need of some work!

This is how it looks now

This is up for sale on my Bumble Bee's Craft Den Facebook page for £10 plus postage.  It is in the 'Shabby Chic and Home Decor' album.  It would look lovely in a kitchen or in the hallway by your telephone to scribble notes on!

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