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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Beautiful Peonies

I was given these gorgeous Peonies yesterday and they are so beautiful that I thought I would share them with you! 

We have a local plant swap group and I had lots of extra lupin plants that we grew this year from seed, so I offered them on the plant swap.  One lady that came for some brought me a little posy of Peonies from her garden.  The colour is such a deep rich maroon colour and they have a lovely light fragrance.  I love the ball shape of them and today they have opened up even more.

They look so nice on my little shelf unit that I revamped the other day!

I wanted some pepper and chilli plants and luckily I was able to swap the lupins to get some!

Plant Swap groups are great - people in my area are very enthusiastic and keen to grow new plants and if we grow too many of one plant it is great to be able to swap them for something else.   We have set up a group on Facebook.  If you don't have a local Plant Swap group why not set one up on Facebook!  As well as getting some nice plants, you will get to know lots of people in your area!

Hopefully, this year, my area will have lots of people growing vegetables and flowers.

Another good place to look out for some bargain plants is B & Q - they had lots reduced last weekend.  Some of them just needed watering and were reduced to 20p!!    I also saw trays of 6 Geraniums and Begonias in Poundland today!  You don't have to spend much to get your garden looking pretty!

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