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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Upcycled Chair

Afternoon everyone!

I have been wanting to tidy up this wooden chair for ages.  I use it in my bedroom to sit at my desk and it really was looking sad and tired!!  We have had this chair since the 70's and we still have the extending table that came with it!  We use the table in a spare room for everything from crafting to decorating and more.  Sadly we only have 2 of the chairs left!

Here is how the poor chair looked before the makeover!!

I chose some nice heavy cotton with a pretty strawberry and gingham design on it to recover the seat.  I also bought some wadding to pad it out abit more as well.  Armed with my staple gun I secured it to the bottom of the seat.

For the chair itself, I used a shade called 'Wolf' from the Wickes Chalky Flat Matt range.  It is a taupe kind of shade which goes well with the fabric.  I sanded the chair down and then put several layers of the paint on it. I then lightly sanded it again and distressed it and then waxed it to seal it.

I am pleased with the finished result and it looks much cleaner and nicer now!!

Here is a before and after photo side by side so that you can judge for yourself!

Thanks for popping by!

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