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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pretty Notepads and Pens for my Craft Fair

I've been busy making lots of different things for a craft fair I am doing this Saturday.  I didn't want to make lots of the same thing as I am not sure what will sell well and don't want to get left with loads!!

I was looking at a few blogs and found Tamara's blog with some lovely ideas on it.  I covered some skinny shopping jotter type notepads and used the lovely freebie digis from Tamara's blog to go on the notepads.  I also slid some matching design paper into the barrel of a pen and then tied it to the notepad with a co-ordinating ribbon.  I covered over the top of the spine at first but didn't like the way the paper gaped so decided they looked  nicer with the black showing or the design paper just to the top of the pad.

I really like the finished look so if they don't sell I will be using them myself!


  1. These look fab. I'm sure all of your stuff will fly out. x

  2. These look great. I love the paper

  3. I'm sure these will sell - they're stunning. Jaqui x


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