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Sunday, 28 November 2010

School Christmas Fair

Yesterday I went to a school fair and set up a stall of my crafty bits.  I had quite alot of things and as always the table is never large enough!  Luckily, I took a small folding table with me and put that up alongside the table the school provided.  My stall was still full up and I didn't manage to put out alot of my jewellery but I was happy enough with how it looked. 

I had taken my sock creations to the fair and they generated quite abit of interest and I managed to sell 2 of them and a sock kid so was pleased with that.  I sold some toiletry gift sets I had taken as well as alot of my crafty makes, a button ring, a scarf and a purse.

The fair was from 1-4pm but I did better in those 3 hours at that fair than at a fair I did last year at a school that was for 5 hours!!!

I've never seen such a great turnout for a school fair and it was very well organised by the parents and teachers.

Here's a photo of my stall - it looked abit full but I just had so much stuff!!!!


  1. What a spectacular looking stall!! No wonder you did so well. All your handcrafted goodies are fabulous,such a good variety too. Well done, be proud of yourself xxx

  2. oooh looks great . Wish i lived nearer i'd have come for a good look.

  3. looks fab Angie, I'm pleased you did well :) x

  4. Looks fantastic Angie - the sort of interesting stall I'd want to browse for ages - lots of different things to buy. x

  5. Angie your stall looks amazing. So colourful - I'm so glad you did well. Jaqui x

  6. Well done Angie your stall looks great I am glad you did well :)

  7. Wow, your stall looks great, glad you did well.

  8. Your stall looks great, glad you did well


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